What Can Dine-In Diva Personal Chef Do for You?

Help you entertain without the stress of deciding what to prepare, how much, how to make the food look special, and worry about cleaning up afterwards.  I can help you spend time with your guests instead of the kitchen.

Provide the perfect romantic evening in the comfort of your home.  Why go out when you can relax at home and be pampered in style. It's a great way to 'pop the question'.

Be your culinary coach. Whether you are a seasoned cook or a novice in the kitchen, Dine-In Diva's cooking classes are intimate, informative and customized.  Learn to make a great meal you can duplicate at home, plus personal chef tricks and tips. Fast, Fresh, & Flexible meal planning series geared specifically towards making your farm share or farmer’s market finds as delicious and waste-free as possible. 

My food philosophy is simple: Use fresh, local ingredients whenever possible.  Grow your own if you can - it doesn't get any fresher than your own backyard.  

Avoid processed foods, and cook simple, delicious meals from whole food ingredients.  Keep it healthy, but indulge occasionally. 

Eating should not only fuel your body, it should fuel your soul.

Dine-In Diva Personal Chef has been providing personal chef services and in-home catering for clients in the Akron, Canton, Cleveland area since 2006. 

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